Ale Garza – Long-term comic veteran featuring a high-flying Taylor dressed as a super-someone with a Taylor-esk twist to it.

- Shikarii – India-based hyper-realistic artist with Taylor revealing a certain superhero costume under her shirt.

- Sorah Suhng – An Asian-American writer and artist known for her detailed and beautiful covers brings us Taylor shocking the world in her cheerleader costume revealing her midriff! It also contains an easter-egg or 2 of its’ own.

- Brian Miroglio – Argentinian-based artist and digital sculptor making a splash in the comic world and honoring Taylor’s award show performance from 2013 with his rendition of her on his cover.

- Ryan Kincaid – Artist, Writer, and Publisher drawing Taylor in her, and his, favorite team’s colors (and maybe Taylors’ new favorite number?).

- Jamie Tyndall – Legendary costume designer reimagining Taylor in a movie with a couple of adorable but dangerous sidekicks.

Details about this set!

- Every Cover has a Trade Dress Version (with logos and title on it) and an "Art-Only" Version with just the cover art on it. 

- The "Art-Only" Versions (or Variants) are rarer than the rest with only half as many being made (500 vs 1000) of them as of the Trade Dress.

- Every Comic will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that will be individually numbered with the number of the issue you received. No number requests will be taken and none will be held back, they will be randomly distributed. We will do our best to match numbers if you purchase an entire set.

- The Art Only Variants will ship in a free hard plastic toploader for protection. 

- For collectors who like ultra-rare items, every cover variant will have 50 foil covers and 25 metal covers made. Each one will have the number printed on the front of the cover to verify the print run. Only 1 of every number will be made.